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Home Staging & Creative Decorating

Our Mission

I am devoted to making the sale of your home easy and profitable by providing excellent service and design ideas to promote the beautiful aspects of your property.  Likewise, in livable staging, I want to  make decorating your home easy, affordable and fun.

My Story

We want to make your home beautiful, fun and livable

This is me...

I think everyone should come home to a place that makes them say "ahh I'm home".  We want to provide the best service for reasonable prices.  Whether you want help picking things out, for us to do the shopping for you, or a complete home makeover -  we have services to fit every budget. We can do as little or as much as you like. We call this "livable home staging"- setting the stage for great memories in your home. 

I started out designing and decorating offices...

I was in the commercial furniture business for many years and I always enjoyed making sure the room looked great when we were done. I always made sure the plants and accessories were placed properly and rugs were coordinated to bring the room together. (Left - NYC Client Office)   Many of my business clients started requesting my services for their homes, so here we are - Drake Decor - now my primary focus and passion.  

It costs how much ?

My services are clear and reasonable.  I promise to make sure you are happy with my services and the final look of your home. I will provide you with everything from a quick "property review" to professional bids outlining in detail the refreshing your entire home.

The procrastination......

I have met so many people that moved into their homes months ago, or even years ago - and just never got around to all the details, choosing paint colors, adding accessories and hanging window treatments.  We can help with that.  A change of paint color and some great accessories make a room fresh, new and inviting. 

Home Staging 

I recently joined ASP as a certified Home Staging Professional and I offer a variety of options for this great solution. Many people don't know the importance of making sure an empty home looks livable. Less than 10% of people are "visual". Many customers can't envision what an empty house could look like. Staging has been proven to sell homes faster and at higher rates.   

Why Stage? 

  • On line appeal - it is estimated that 93% of people look on line at properties before calling an agent
  • Control the buyers eye - showcase the best features of your house
  • It feels more expensive - buyers place more value on a home that is taken care of and neatly decorated
  • You will get better offers - faster sale times minimize price reductions
  • Faster sales - statistics show staged homes sell 78% faster than empty homes

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