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Did you know that almost 93% of all people look at homes on line BEFORE ever calling an agent!  

Sellers need to make sure that their home is photographed after staging.   Great decor and great photos can be the difference in potential buyers even visiting your home.

Staging Consultation

A staged home creates a great first impression - and a great first impression creates a sense of urgency in buyers.  I can help you with a consultation in preparing your home for staging and selling. This includes recommendations that may be needed for small repairs such as painting, landscape, etc. 

There are 3 consultation options:

  • Detailed Consultation with photos - starting at $150
  • Consultation Report (no photos) - starting at $100
  • Walk & Talk - starting at $75 (1 hr max)

Please call for more pricing options and appointment times.


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Staging Bid

Once we do a consultation or review for you - its time to get to work so you get top dollar for your home in the quickest amount of time. I will prepare a detailed bid for you using your current furniture and perhaps a few rental pieces and some accessories (for a small fee). Items will vary for each home.  The bid will include all items needed to make sure your home is presented beautifully. 

Pricing can range from simple hourly rates with Drake Decor doing all the prep work and pre-packing suggested items to full rental packages. (See next option for more information on full packages)

Please call for more pricing options and appointment times. 

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Full Service Bid

If you have a vacant home or home that needs full rental service including accessories we can help!  We will provide a quick review of the property (free of charge) and a full service bid showing all the options, setup dates and de-staging options.  We will make sure your house looks great to your potential buyers.  With less that 10% of buyers being able to see the potential of a home,  vacant staging is crucial to quick sales and getting top dollar. 

Don't lower your price when you can stage and get full price!

Please call for more pricing options and appointment times.

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Staging is not decorating!

Staging is NOT decorating, in fact it is depersonalizing a space and making it appealing to a broad amount buyers.  A staged home in a slow market will sell faster  - and a staged home in a hot market will sell for more money.